Friday, 20 July 2012

Review: Allison Hewitt is trapped by Madeleine Roux

Allison Hewitt is trapped by Madeleine Roux.

 Allison Hewitt is trapped. In the storeroom of Brookes & Peabody's. In a world swarming with the Undead, the Doomed, the Infected.

Locked away with an oddball collection of colleagues and under siege, Allison takes advantage of a surviving internet connection and blogs. She writes, as the food runs out and panic sets in, as relationships develop and friends die, and as zombies claw at the door, all in the hope of connecting with other survivors out there. But as she reads the replies to her posts, Allison begins to comprehend the horrifying scale of the damage. And when no one comes to the group's rescue, they are forced to leave the safety of their room and risk a journey across the city; streets that crawl with zombies, and worse - fellow humans competing for survival. 

I love a good zombie novel and Allison Hewitt is trapped was full of the fast paced action that makes these novels so good! Now onto the review...

The cover: I love this cover so much! Its perfect for the story as you can tell just by looking at it that the book will be full of action and horror. The axe pictured on the front is also amazing as it has meaning to the story so its not just a random object they decided to put on it. The one thing that may be a flaw to this book is the title, Allison Hewitt is trapped, as it leads people to believe that the whole novel will be centred around Allison being trapped in one place throughout the novel when, in fact, she isn't. However it is a striking title and did attract me to buy this book so I’ll let it slide!

The characters: The main character, Allison, is amazing and had everything I loved a main character to have. She's sarcastic, strong willed but also like your average human, which is so good because it adds a sense of realism to her character but also makes the story humorous as she throws in some snarky remarks now and then. A lot of side characters are featured in this book and some are described very well and I felt myself becoming attached to them as well (Ted!) but because so many characters leave the story throughout the novel, we don't get to know them as well. However, making so many characters leave the story did make it more realistic as in a zombie apocalypse, im pretty sure many people will split up, get killed or go missing, so even if the characters aren't described that well, it makes the story that much more realistic.

The setting: The story begins in a book store which immediately makes me love the setting, but I did love the fact that the setting kept changing throughout the novel as readers get to see different sides to a zombie apocalypse. We get to see survival camps, a book store's staff room with zombies trying to find their way in, enemy camps, and characters driving throughout the abandoned streets, what's not to love?!

The overall story: The story is very fast paced and full of action which makes it such a good zombie apocalypse novel, but the fact that its written in blog posts gives this novel a unique viewpoint and gives it a sense of realism. You get to see different aspects of a zombie apocalypse through Allison's different experiences but also through the people that comment on her blog posts! The romance in this book wasn't brilliant and I didn't find myself pining for them to be together, but the romance only played a small part in this story so it didn't really effect my view on the storyline.

Allison Hewitt is trapped was a very exciting read and gives a frightening and realistic view of a zombie apocalypse but also adds humour to it to not make it so heavy and dark. Overall, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars!



  1. This is the first i've hear of this book and I will be adding it to my wish list as a direct result of your review. Although I have to admit the author had me at bookstore setting!

    1. The bookstore setting attracted me to read it aswell! Books also pay a part in the story in a way so i'm sure you will love it! :D
      - Brodi